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Unique Fully Guided Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

  • Discover the secrets of the bewitching Harry Potter series on this all-inclusive 5-hour english guided tour of Warner Bros Studios London.
  • Save time with train transfers from Central London and take a magical train journey to the Watford Junction Station, just like every other muggle!
  • Start your intimate small group tour ( no more than 15 people) with a short introductory film before making your way into the most iconic set of the series: the Great Hall.
  • Follow your Studio Tour guide as they share production secrets and behind-the-scenes inside information as you walk along the famous cobbled street of Diagon Alley™, featuring the shops of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, Gringotts™ Bank and Eeylops Owl Emporium™.
  • On this exciting tour, step into the Forbidden Forest, run into Platform 9 ¾ , fly your own broomstick, lounge at the Gryffindor common room, take a sneak peak at Hagrid’s Hut - all while being captivated by the secrets shared by your guide.
  • From 28th September – 10th November, get a chance to enter the world of the Dark Arts as the Studios are transformed for Halloween. From 17th November – 27th January, witness Christmas in Hogwarts in the snow and learn how the film crew created ice that never melts and fireplaces that burned forever.
  • Get a chance to re-visit the studio on your own after the tour has ended for as long as you want with the only tickets on the internet with this re-entry feature!
  • With train transfers to and from London included in your ticket price, alongside a film buff guide; this tour is simply perfect for Potterheads!
  • Children aged 15 years and below enjoy reduced prices on this tour.
  • You may cancel up to 72 hours in advance for a full refund.
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Warner Bros. Studio Tour with Premium Coach Transfers From London

  • Discover magic in the wizarding world of Harry Potter on this captivating 6-hour English guided tour at London's Warner Bros. Studios.
  • Travel in comfort to Watford with hassle-free transfers from Central London on a feature packed, wifi enabled premium coach.
  • Your tour will begin in the exact spot all of it began for Harry; in the Cupboard under the Stairs where he slept on the night of his 11th birthday.
  • Fly your own broomstick and live every Potterhead's dream as you wander about the iconic sets like the Great Hall, the Forbidden Forest, Dumbledore's Office, Hagrid's hut and Platform 9 ¾ - all while learning insider film secrets from your official Warner Bros. Studio guide.
  • This tour gifts you a chance to immerse yourself in the meticulously designed sets of the movies and live a few hours of otherwordly magic that went into creating the universe that J.K. Rowling so lovingly committed to the page.
  • Your experience is inclusive of transportation to and from London, saving you the trouble of planning the over 30-mile commute from London to Watford, where the Warner Bros. Studios are located.
  • This tour cannot be canceled, amended or rescheduled.
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Harry Potter Film Locations Guided Tour

  • Walk the streets of London and make your way to some of the most iconic film locations of the Harry Potter Films - an 8 series franchise that inspired an entire generation to read and dream.
  • Marvel at famous locations such as Gringott's Bank, Daniel Radcliffe's School, 900-year-old Clink Prison and so much more on this 2.5 hour guided tour.
  • Enjoy the company and the commentary of your fellow Harry Potter enthusiast guide, who will even click a picture of you with the disappearing trolley - the perfect souvenir for wizarding folk at Platform 9¾.
  • This tour is guaranteed to amuse Potterheads of all ages, with picture perfect photo ops, immersive commentary, a quiz, and even a sorting ceremony to determine which house you truly belong to!
  • This walking tour goes beyond the Harry Potter filming locations and also includes delightful visits to Shakespeare's Globe and St. Paul's Cathedral, to name a few.
  • This guided tour is available in a variety of languages, i.e. English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
  • Note, this tour does not include tickets to the Warner Bros. Studio.
  • Infants aged 3 years and below do not require a ticket for this tour.
  • This tour cannot be canceled, amended or rescheduled.
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Harry Potter Film Locations Guided Tour + Thames Boat Cruise

  • This 2.5 hour guided tour guarantees to amuse and inspire Potterheads of all ages as you explore several iconic film locations, immortalized by the 8 series Harry Potter franchise.
  • Take a stroll on the real Diagon Alley, purchase your first wand, take great photos at Platform 9 ¾, visit Daniel Radcliffe's School, the 900-year-old Clink Prison and so much more!
  • Live your wizarding dreams with immersive and interactive commentary provided by your fellow Harry Potter enthusiast guide, as well as quizzes and your own sorting ceremony.
  • End your tour with a Thames Boat Cruise and cross under the bridge that was destroyed by the Death Eaters in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."
  • This guided tour is available in a variety of languages, i.e. English, French, German and Italian.
  • Infants aged 3 years and below do not require a ticket for this tour.
  • This tour cannot be canceled, amended or rescheduled.
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Discover The Warner Bros. Studio Tour

After being shot in Leavesden for more than a decade, the producers at Warner Bros. decided to capture the final moments of the film and let their doors open for visitors who wanted a look into their favourite film making. After wrapping up on the final movie (Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows — pt. 2), the crew put together a showcase of their favourite moments, props, costumes and iconic sets that made Harry Potter what it is today. For each of the eight films, the producers have left behind a memento as a set that acts as its reminder. You can catch a glimpse of a fully functional and fire-breathing Hungarian Horntail dragon, that was put together by the Special Effects Team in Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, resting peacefully in the studio as well! Open to public since 2012, the studio tour today acts as a fond revisit to what still remains a favourite childhood memory of many.


Revisit the iconic sets from all the Harry Potter movies in person. Here are the ones you simply shouldn’t miss:

  • Great Hall: Making one of the most iconic scenes in the film, the Great Hall remains untouched with two large tables and beautiful, handmade props used in the film.
  • Forbidden Forest: If your curiosity peaks at the mention of forbidden things, this forest should be the first on your list! Walk through impressive backdrops and trees to rediscover fear again.
  • Platform 9 3/4: A set many of us have imagined getting onto while dreaming of our Hogwarts letter, the beloved train stands as it is for you to pose and get pictures with.
  • Diagon Alley: Walk through the eerie lanes of Diagon Alley that have been reimagined as various scenes in all the Harry Potter movies.

Magical or not, the props from the films are still enough to bring back fond memories and a wave of nostalgia. Here are some of the most well-known props in the studio:

  • Potions Classroom: Marvel at about 950 jars of potions stacked up against the wall, with almost realistic dried herbs, shrunken heads and animal bones!
  • Memory Cabinet: Sieve through 900 memory vials and labels that once belonged in Professor Dumbledore’s office.
  • Professor Umbridge’s Office: Carefully preserved by the Props department, Professor Umbridge’s office remains untouched with its infamous cat portraits and pink decor.
  • Puking Pastilles: The Puking Pastilles dispenser of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes was recreated with great efforts by Head Propmaker Pierre Bohanna. Today it stands as a reminder of Fred & George’s wicked sense of humour!

Harry Potter fans probably have an idea how Costumes were as important as the props in the film. Here are some that made it to the studio display:

  • Quidditch: The jersey for Quidditch went through a number of designs before being approved, visit the costume department to know in-depth about its progress.
  • 19 Years Later: Witness the iconic final scene of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2 that was recreated at the studio using mannequins.
  • Yule Ball: The magical Yule Ball that took place during the Triwizard Tournament saw a spectacular display of fashion, relive the frolic at Costumes Department and know more behind the producer’s struggle.
  • Beauxbatons: Witness how the Beauxbatons’ uniform sported by the students of the school went through a couple of tweaks before it got where it is in the movie.

Discover the secrets behind some of your favourite magic tricks pulled off by the Special Effects team during the movie:

  • Chamber of Secrets Door: Check out the fully operational Chamber of Secrets door masterfully created by Special Effects team. Made using an electric motor, the articulated snakes behind the door were made to move along their slotted tracks.
  • Invisibility Cloak: Perhaps on everyone’s wish-list, the invisibility cloak that was specially created using a velvet fabric remains on display for avid fans at the Costume Department.
  • Whomping Willow: The mechanically operated tree that was meant to be a destruction machine appears in several films and it stands as a testament of an exceptional digital post-production.
  • Green Screen: A number of magical scenes that were shot for Harry Potter used a green screen. The unique green screen experience at the studio allows guests to take broomstick tour of London just like the cast did.
Creature effects

A very important part of the magical world were its magical beings and creatures that require a host of intricacies and detailing before being executed to perfection. Here are some that have stunned you in the movies before:

  • Buckbeak: Everyone’s favourite Buckbeak the Hippogriff stands tall in this section of the studio for fans to marvel at its complicated built.
  • Goblin Heads: The movie required 2,140 makeup artists that could turn 60 actors into goblins. This craftsmanship today finds its home in the studio.
  • Aragog: Bringing your Arachnophobia to life, the giant spider with a leg span of 18 feet still exists at the Warner Bros. studio!
Art department

The art department that worked behind the scenes of Harry Potter created magic on screen simply based out of imagination. Here are some spectacular sights you’re most likely to witness during your tour:

  • Hogwarts Castle Model: Perhaps one of the most sought-after attraction in the studio, the model is meticulously designed keeping in mind every chamber, tunnel and dungeon of the castle.
  • Graphic Design: Whether it was the wall of ‘kittens’ in Umbridge’s office or the flurry of Hogwarts letters that made their way into the Dursley house, the Graphic Design team lets you have a closer look into the workings of magic in Harry Potter.
  • White Card Models: Before the gigantic sets could materialise, the Art Department team would come up with smaller, white card models of them to help the director have a clear idea. The tour lets you into the most initial phases of your favourite moments.

Harry Potter Locations Tour in London

Apart from the Warner Bros Studios Tour, Harry Potter loves will also be glad to know that there are tours that take you to prominent locations across London where the films were shot.

Harry Potter Walking Tour

Timings: 12 PM from Wednesday to Saturday and at 10:30 AM on Sundays

Start Locations: Exit 1, Westminster Underground Station, Westminster, London.

Tour Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Guided Tour: Yes

Sights Covered:

  • The tour begins at the Square which has hosted the world premiere for each of the films in the Harry Potter series except the last movie.
  • Take a walk through London and visit the famous cafe where the trio were attacked during the Deathly Hallows!
  • Walk over the bridge that was destroyed by the Death Eaters at the beginning of the Half-Blood Prince, signaling the return of Voldemort.
  • Visit the thoroughfare that served as the inspiration for Diagon Alley and the entrance to the Ministry of Magic.
  • Visit the thoroughfare that served as the inspiration for Diagon Alley and the entrance to the Ministry of Magic.

Make your way to Platform 9 and ¾ on King's Cross station.

Don’t worry about walking all of that. The tour includes 2 London Underground journeys. You must have a valid Zone 1 Travelcard or pay for the journey at the London Underground ticket counter to take part in the tour.