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Warner Bros. Studio Harry Potter Tour with Transfers from London

Free Cancellation
Instant Confirmation
Mobile Ticket
6 hr. - 9 hr.
Transfers Included
  • Find out how the amazing Harry Potter books became such a sensational hit on the silver screen with this enticing tour.
  • Forget your worries about travel as your ticket includes transfers to and from central London in a comfortable, air-conditioned coach.
  • Walk in the footsteps of Hogwarts students as you explore the original sets such as Platform 9 ¾ and Diagon Alley™.
  • Stroll down the Diagon Alley and see your favorite shop fronts, such as Ollivanders wand shop and Gringotts Bank.
  • At the end of your tour, board a comfy Warner Bros. Studio Tour London branded bus back to the city.
  • Travel in an air-conditioned coach
  • Entrance ticket to Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
  • Return transfers
  • Pick-up from Victoria/Baker Street, King's Cross, or Royal National Hotel Bloomsbury

From London Victoria/Baker Street:

Tours depart at 7:30am, 8am, 8:30am, 9:15am, 10:30am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, or 4pm.

Departure Points:

  • Bus Stop 1, Bulleid Way, Victoria, London SW1W 9SH.
  • Dorset Square, Bus Stop S on Gloucester Place – near Baker Street Station, off Marylebone Road.

From London King's Cross:

Tours depart at 11:30am or 1:30pm.

Departure Point:

  • King's Cross Station, Pancras Road, Bus Stop T, NW1 2SD.

From Royal National Hotel Bloomsbury:

Tours depart at 10:15am, meet and greet is at 10am.

Departure Point:

  • Royal National Hotel, 38-51 Bedford Way, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 0DG.
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 72 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Warner Bros. Studio Harry Potter Tour with Premium Transfers from London

Free Cancellation
Instant Confirmation
Mobile Ticket
6 hr. - 7 hr.
Transfers Included
  • Want to combine a magical Harry Potter English-guided tour with luxurious transfers? This experience is the one for you!
  • Save yourself the trouble of planning your commute and travel in comfort to Warner Bros. Studio from Central London on a feature-packed, WiFi-enabled premium coach.
  • A small tour group of no more than 6 guests (including children) ensures a cozy group tour setting.
  • Your tour will begin in the exact spot all of it started for Harry: in the Cupboard under the stairs where he slept on the night of his 11th birthday.
  • Fly a broomstick and wander about the iconic sets like the Great Hall, the Forbidden Forest, Dumbledore's Office, the hut belonging to Hagrid™, and Platform 9 ¾™ - all the while learning insider film secrets from your official Warner Bros. Studio guide.
  • Entrance ticket to Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
  • Return transfers
  • Travel in a luxury premium coach
  • Wifi on the coach
  • Pick-up from Russell Square or Evan Evans Tours office, Vauxhall Bridge Rd

Boarding starts 15 mins prior to start time.

Departs daily at 9am from Evan Evans Office:

  • Entry time into Warner Bros: 10:30am
  • Tour finishes at 4pm.
  • Return is to Victoria Station

Departs daily at 11am from Evan Evans Office:

  • Entry time into Warner Bros: 12:30pm
  • Tour finishes at 6pm.
  • Return is to Victoria Station.

Departs daily at 10am from outside the Contiki Basement, Russell Square:

  • Entry time into Warner Bros: 11:30am
  • Tour finishes at 5pm.
  • Return is to the Contiki Basement.

Additionally, departs daily at 8am from outside the Contiki Basement, Russell Square:

  • Entry time into Warner Bros: 9:30am
  • Tour finishes at 3pm.
  • Return is to the Contiki Basement.

Departs daily at 1:30pm from Evan Evans Office:

  • Entry time into Warner Bros: 3pm
  • Tour finishes at 8:30pm.
  • Return is to Victoria Station.

Departs daily at 2:30pm from Evan Evans Office:

  • Entry time into Warner Bros: 4pm
  • Tour finishes at 9:30pm.
  • Return is to Victoria Station.
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 48 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Unique Fully Guided Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

Free Cancellation
Instant Confirmation
Mobile Ticket
5 hr.
Guided Tour
  • Immerse yourself in the magical world of Harry Potter on this all-inclusive English-guided small group tour (no more than 8 people) of Warner Bros Studios.
  • Save time with train transfers from Central London and take a train journey to the Watford Junction Station, just like every other muggle!
  • Follow your Studio Tour guide as they share production secrets and behind-the-scenes inside information unknown to most fans.
  • Walk along the famous cobbled street of Diagon Alley™, step into the Forbidden Forest, run into Platform 9¾ , fly your own broomstick, and take a sneak peek at Hagrid’s Hut.
  • Get a chance to re-visit the studio on your own after the tour has ended for as long as you want with the only tickets on the internet with this re-entry feature!
  • Guided tour of Warner Bros. Studios with an expert Harry Potter tour guide
  • Small groups of 8 people or fewer
  • Admission with timed entry to Warner Bros Studios
  • Headsets, when appropriate, so you can always hear your guide
  • Transfer via train to and from the meeting point
  • Daily: 11:05am & 12:05pm.
  • Duration of the guided tour: 3 hours.
  • Duration of train transfers: 2 hours (1 hour each way).
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 48 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Harry Potter™ Studio Tours London

“After all this time?”

There’s no other quote that perfectly encompasses the spirit of the world of Harry Potter™. JK Rowling’s fantasy book series on the Boy Who Lived is a worldwide phenomenon, humanely tackling complex subjects like love, death, loyalty, friendship, and the eternal dilemma of good vs evil. 

The 8-part Harry Potter films brought Rowling’s words to the silver screen, not just by bringing wholesome characters to life, but by creating elaborate, detailed sets of locations like the Great Hall and the Forbidden Forest and true-to-word costumes, along with investing in stellar artwork and special effects. 

Years after the release of the final book and film in the series, the magic lives on. Fans of the series now have the opportunity to visit the famous sets and go behind-the-scenes on a Harry Potter Studio Tour at the Warner Brothers Studios in London. Examine character costumes, visit Diagon Alley™, ride Hagrid™’s motorbike and do so much more! 

While you wait for your acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, embark on a magical Harry Potter tour in London.

All About Your Warner Bros Studio London Tour Options

Harry Potter tour london

Warner Bros London Tour with Transfers

If you’re looking to save time and money on commuting to and from the Harry Potter Studios, opt for Guided Warner Bros. Studio tours that include return transfers. You do not have to worry about planning travel between London and Leavesden; instead, you will be picked up from one of several pick-up points in Central London, from where you will be transported on a luxury coach with built-in Wi-Fi to the studios, and dropped back in the same way. With your transportation worries taken care of, you spend your time exploring the Warner Bros Studios that includes attractions like sets of all eight films, and other important areas of the films including the Great Hall, Diagon Alley, Platform 9 ¾™, Dumbledore’s Office and more.

About the Harry Potter™ Studios

Experience Highlights
About Harry Potter Studio tours
Harry Potter tours london

Harry Potter™ Studios Tour London: Your Experience

A tour of the Harry Potter Studios is the perfect escape from the muggle world. Sip on some delicious butterbeer and grab a wand before heading to explore the beautiful sets of locations like the Great Hall, Platform 9 ¾ and Dumbledore’s office, along with getting an up-close, personal look at props, popular character costumes and creation of magical creatures like Buckbeak the hippogriff. Each location is designed to bring iconic moments from the movies to life -- a thrill for every true fan.  

The Great Hall Harry Potter tour london

The Great Hall

The Great Hall at Hogwarts is a pivotal location for Harry and friends; their first sorting ceremonies, the Yule Ball, essential conversations over meals, O.W.L examinations and of course, the battle of Hogwarts took place here. Walk the same steps as your favorite witches and wizards and soak in the fine details of the location design and props in the Great Hall. You’ll get to marvel at the shiny crockery, the massive door at the entrance, the stone statues and four house flambeaux, and actual costumes of popular characters like Professor McGonagall and Hagrid

Fobidden forest Harry Potter tour london

The Forbidden Forest

The entire contents of the formidable Forbidden Forest remain unknown to Hagrid to date. It is said to be full of creatures like unicorns and centaurs, while also being home to dark monsters. Enter at your own risk! The Harry Potter Studios have created a remarkable version of the Forbidden Forest; walk around and examine the imposing trees that have been designed to represent an eerie atmosphere, meet Buckbeak and Aragog, and take photographs with a life-size Hagrid costume who would be waiting to welcome you in.

Diagon Alley Harry Potter tour london

Diagon Alley™

Step onto the cobbled stones and enter the bustling streets of Diagon Alley. Dotted with shops selling books, potions ingredients, robes and of course wands, it’s a one-stop location for all essentials a witch or wizard needs. Stop by Flourish and Blotts, pick up some wonderful jokes at the exciting Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and don’t forget to finally get your wand at Ollivander’s! The Diagon Alley set was redone to shoot scenes at Hogsmeade Village for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban film.   

Platform 9 ¾ Harry Potter studio tour

Platform 9 ¾

To get onto Platform 9¾ while avoid being sighted by muggles, one must run with their belongings, head-first, into a brick wall between platforms 9 and 10. For filming, most scenes were shot at King’s Cross Station in London, while remaining parts were recreated at the Harry Potter Studios to shoot the famous scene between Harry and Dumbledore at the end of The Deathly Hallows Part II. You would get to see the actual Hogwarts Express and picture gliding dementors, or Trevor the Frog hopping about.

What’s On at the Harry Potter Studios in London?

On a Harry Potter Studios tour, visitors can further indulge in the wizarding world by engaging in specifically curated seasonal experiences.

Harry Potter studio tour Gringotts Wizarding Bank

Gringotts Wizarding Bank

Throughout the series, Gringotts Wizarding Bank has played an important role. Step inside the bank of the wizarding world as you take a tour of the Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Decorated with three magnificent crystal chandeliers and marble pillars, walk through the bank hall and explore the gallery of goblins, the Lestrange vault, and more.
Always On.

Platform 9 ¾

Hogwarts Express

It is now a permanent section that houses the original Hogwarts Express steam engine, housed at a recreated Platform 9 ¾. Climb aboard the train’s carriage to grab your chance to recreate the iconic scene where the luggage trolley disappears through the platform wall, and grab a glimpse of how the iconic scenes were shot.
Always On.

Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley

Stroll through the wizarding street of the movies- Diagon Alley to admire the beautiful shops and the carefully crafted props on their windows. Step inside the iconic shops that played a key role in the series like the Ollivanders wand shop, Quality Quidditch Supplies, Madame Malkin’s shop, and more.

Always On.

Harry Potter studio tour Magcial Mischief

Magcial Mischief

Unravel the tricks of filmmaking as you step into the magical world of Harry Potter and shine a light on the popular pranks and mishaps of the magic world. At Magical Mischief, get to know how they filmed some of the famous mischievous moments shown in the movie. Enjoy the experience of finding yourself in a set that is ready for the famous Weasley prank during the O.W.L.s exam at the Great Hall, or find out about the camera trickery behind the disappearing scene with the invisibility cloak, and much more.

Dates: 22nd January to 1st May

Dark arts Harry Potter tour london

Dark Arts

“There is no good or evil. There is only power...and those too weak to seek it.” -- this infamous quote by Lord Voldemort defines the dark arts, and those who practice it, best. This Halloween, participate in the Dark Arts experience at the Harry Potter Studios in London to find yourself at a darker Platform 9 ¾, and a spookier Diagon Alley and Great Hall and make your Halloween all the more fun. Follow the Dark Mark trail and try your wand combat moves as you engage in duels against Death Eaters.

Coming Soon.
Dates: 23rd September – 6th November 2022

Hogwarts in the snow Harry Potter tour london

Hogwarts in the Snow

Christmas at Hogwarts is a magical time, complete with spectacular decorations. At the Harry Potter Studios, visitors can participate in the Hogwarts in the Snow experience and re-live scenes from the films. Conclude 2022 with Yule Ball for Hogwarts in the Snow and enjoy the moment as you live the iconic Yule Ball scene. With The Gryffindor common room dressed for the season, step into a magical fairyland of Hogwarts in winter as you find the Hogwarts castle model, along with Forbidden Forest, and the Diagon Alley covered in snow.

Coming Soon.
Dates: 12th November 2022 - 15th January 2023

Plan Your Visit

Opening Times
Getting There
What are Harry Potter™ London Studios’ opening times?

Harry Potter Studios opening times: 8:30 AM to 10 PM.
Your tour timings and duration will depend on the type of tickets you have purchased.

What are Harry Potter™ studio tour durations?

Typically, a Harry Potter Studio Tour takes about 3-7 hours, depending on your ticket. If you choose to attend an experience, shop, or dine, your time at the studios would increase accordingly. For details regarding your tour's duration, please check your tickets before purchasing.

What is the best time to visit the Harry Potter™ Studios in London?

Owing to its popularity, a Harry Potter Studios tour is always bustling with fans. However, since their intake capacity is limited, you would be able to comfortably explore. Comparatively lesser crowds can be found outside of the summer season (June to September). A highly recommended experience is visiting during Christmas, owing to the magical decoration and atmosphere.

How do I get to the Harry Potter™ Studios in London?

You can get to Harry Potter Studios by using public transport like bus and train, or by car. You can also opt for Harry Potter Studio tours that include return transfers, preventing the hassle of having to plan your commute to and from Leavesden.

Can I take the train to the Harry Potter™ London Studios?

The closest train station to Harry Potter Studios is Watford Junction. From here, you can take one of many shuttle buses to reach the studios within 15 minutes.

Is parking available at the Harry Potter Studios in London?

Yes. You can avail the free parking services outside the Harry Potter Studios by simply displaying your ticket. Priority parking is also available for visitors next to the studio entrance; however, you would have to book and pay for your spot in advance. 

Where are the Harry Potter™ Studios located in London?

The Harry Potter Studios are located about 20 miles (32 km) from London at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, Studio Tour Drive, Leavesden, WD25 7LR.

Are Harry Potter™ London Studio tours wheelchair-accessible?

Yes. All Harry Potter Studio tours are wheelchair-accessible. Some locations might be difficult to navigate like Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Bridge; we recommend approaching with caution.

Can I store my luggage before a Harry Potter™ Studio tour?

Yes. A cloakroom is available on the premises where visitors can check-in bags, strollers and coats free of charge.

Where can I eat and drink during my Harry Potter™ Studio tour?

The Harry Potter Studios are home to several eateries like the Hub Cafe, Food Hall or Chocolate Frog Cafe. Meals are served here for lunch and dinner till 08:00 PM on weekends and till 05:00 PM on weekdays.

Harry Potter Tour London: FAQs

Q. What can I access on a Harry Potter Studio tour?
A. Guests can visit sets created for all eight Harry Potter films, including, but not limited to the Great Hall, the Forbidden Forest, Diagon Alley, and Platform 9 ¾ among others.

Q. Does my Harry Potter Tour in London include a guided tour?
A. Not all Harry Potter Studio tours include a guided tour. You would have to purchase tickets that specifically include guided tours.

Q. Does my Harry Potter Tour in London include return transfers?
A. Most Harry Potter Studio tours include return transfers. Ensure that you check before purchasing your tickets. 

Q. Can I purchase a Harry Potter tour in London right at the studio?
A. No. Owing to the limited number of visitors at the studio at any given time, pre-booking your tickets is mandatory.

Q. How do I get from London to the Warner Bros. Studio?
A. Located about an hour’s drive from the London city center, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour offers several bus tours operating that offer hourly return transfers from central London and Birmingham directly to the studio tour. Here's more information on how to get there.

Q. When is the best time to go for a Harry Potter tour in London?
A. A Harry Potter Studio tour books several months in advance so to maximize your chances of getting tickets, we recommend going on a weekday for better availability of slots.

Q. What are the best attractions on a Harry Potter London Studio Tour?
A. From Diagon Alley to Platform 9 ¾, The Great Hall and the Forbidden Forest, the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio is brimming with exciting experiences and attractions. Here are all the attractions on the tour.